German Doner Kebab

A few weeks ago, I was on a night out with friends and we were looking for somewhere to eat. There was no particular preference as to the type of food and as we were in Glasgow, no shortage of restaurants to choose from.

German Donar Kebab just happened to be right across the road from where we were standing and as we couldn’t be bothered walking too far, we decided to give it a try. It’s funny how sometimes fate just throws things in your path.

Upon entering German Doner Kebab, we were greeted by polite, friendly staff who directed us to the seating area. As we hadn’t tried their food before, we were given menus and told to place an order at the counter whenever we were ready.

Menus perused, we made our choices and two of our party visited the counter to order and pay for the food we all wanted. They were presented with what seem to be tracking devices to place on the tables at which we were sitting (this appealed to the geeky side of me). They returned to the table and placed the tracking devices on the pads which were labeled.

Very soon after that, the food was delivered and I have to say that none of us were disappointed! I can’t remember exactly what I ordered but I was very pleased with the food with which I was presented. I received a large doner sandwich with fries and a bottle of coke and it all cost less than £10 (very reasonable for the location and the amount of food supplied). Even more pleasing was the taste. The doner sandwich was absolutely delicious although due to the sheer size of it, I couldn’t manage to finish it. The fries were cooked perfectly!

In conclusion, I would highly recommend German Doner Kebab to anybody who is looking for something substantial and tasty to eat and who is in the vicinity of one of their branches.