Be Brave – Reward Content Creators

Simply by browsing the internet as you usually do, you can help content creators like myself to earn a living!

I have intended to write a very full-featured article about BAT (Basic Attention Token) and the Brave browser but to be honest, I can’t do a better job than the article posted by at so I won’t. I would highly recommend reading this article, it gives great information and is the perfect preface to what I’m going to add below.

Content creators (like myself) always like to be rewarded for their work. Many people don’t realise how much goes into one piece of writing, one podcast, YouTube video or whatever else. I can assure you, it is a lot. The amount of time spent researching a subject, the amount of money purchasing hardware or subscribing to services then creating the content itself, it all adds up. Whether it is time and effort or monetary cost, people deserve to be rewarded for their time as they would in any other job.

Brave browser gives people the opportunity to reward content creators without spending any money! When you browse the internet with Brave, the standard ads that you see all over the internet are blocked and every so often, Brave pops up an ad from their own advertisers. These adverts are discrete and very easily dismissed; much less intrusive than the usual adverts found on many web pages.

As you browse, you earn tokens called BAT. You can use these to “Send a tip” to content creators who provide you with information which you find useful, entertaining or whatever. This can be done automatically using Auto Contribute so you don’t even have to act to help us out. Alternatively, you can manually tip by visiting a website (like this one) which has Brave rewards enabled, clicking the red triangle with the blue tick next to the address bar, then on the “Send a tip” button and selecting the amount you want to tip.

This is the symbol for a verified site. It is also where you manage your rewards settings.

We, in turn, can change this into actual money and we really appreciate that, it helps us to continue doing what we love to do.

If after reading the article and this one you want to start helping content creators like me to continue our work, please download the Brave browser from then install it and use it just as you would Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Even by simply installing it using my link, I get rewarded, how cool is that?

Thanks for reading this and even more so if you choose to use Brave to reward people like me. Oh and also accept BAT so please consider tipping them too.