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You may have noticed that we now have a new telephone number. This is thanks to!

Before I get into the bulk of this piece I would like it to be noted that I am not being paid for this article, I have not been offered any sort of incentive (although they are always welcome) and none of this article has been approved by prior to it’s publication.

The cloud telephone system supplier aptly named provide telephony services to businesses of all different sizes and structures. The Kitchen Sink Mind has recently purchased such a system and I want to use this post to give my opinion of the service received so far.

I will start with the price:

There is the cost of acquiring a new number. They supply them in blocks of 5 and each number costs £1 which means that there is a minimum charge of £5 if you need a new number. This is the charge for UK geographical numbers. For 03 non-geographical numbers the cost is £15 per number. This is something which are quite clear about on their site. The charge for phone numbers is one off, not monthly recurring.

If you are looking to port one or more numbers over to, there is a charge for this depending on your situation. For single line transfers, it is £5 per number, multi-line transfers cost £10 per number and DDI range transfers come in at £10 per consecutive number range according to their website. I could not ascertain from their site whether this is a one off or recurring charge.

According to my quote, as I am the only user of the system, my monthly cost will be £10 which includes 5000 minutes for calling 01, 02 and 03 numbers and indeed UK mobiles and is in my opinion is a bargain! also offer to supply hardware for an additional cost. They allow outright purchase or monthly installments. Hardware paid for in monthly installments is done so over the course of 3 years. The costs of purchase and rental are detailed on their site at and on the same page they state that you can use your own phones with their system but only if it is listed. The phones they support are:




Soundpoint IP 321 SVVX 601 FSVVX 201,2N IP Intercom
VVX 411 FSSoundpoint IP 331 SSoundpoint IP 335 S
Soundpoint IP 450 SSoundpoint IP 550 SSoundpoint IP 650 S
Soundstation IP 5000 SSoundstation IP 6000 SSoundstation IP 7000 S
VVX 300 310VVX 301VVX 400 410
VVX 411VVX 500VVX 600
VVX 601VVX 1500



And last but not least: Panasonic KX-TGP500

Having contacted prior to placing my order, I was informed that provisioning of phones is done using a provisioning server link which is supplied by the company. According to the site, you need to provide the MAC address of your device(s). At the time of ordering, I was not asked for this information. Their site states that there is a £25 charge for each model you wish to provision. I had one model of phone to be provisioned and could not figure out how to do so after the service went live. I sent another email asking for details and providing my model and MAC address. Within less than 5 minutes, I received a response telling me that it was done – awesome, thanks Josh! I don’t know when the charge is applied for this service, I assume it will be when the first month’s direct debit is processed which according to is the 5th of the month.

As for the direct debit, the date cannot be changed. Juliet explained in an email that this is the date used for calculating minutes used.

As I have mentioned (a few times), I did contact to ask them a few questions prior to placing my order. I would like to state that I could not be happier with the service that I received in that regard. I sent an email in the middle of the night and when I awoke, I had already received a response. I realised after receiving the information which I had asked for that I had another question so I fired off another email and within only a few minutes I received a reply! The information which was supplied answered my questions perfectly.

Now for the account set up. The only information I had to provide was the MAC address of my phone. They do ask for details of how you want the system set up, I just said that I want to receive calls and make calls. I’m sure for multiple users, people who use call queues, ring groups etc. this will be more complicated but it worked for me. The service was set up really quickly. Again, I placed my order at night and the system was up and running by the time I awoke the next morning so no complaints there either.

As for the app, it does what it is supposed to and in my opinion it does it well. It is easy to install, log in to and use. The UI (user interface) is very easy to understand and navigate. I have tried it on my Android phone, my iPhone and my PC laptop. I am yet to try it on my iMac (because it’s sat right next to my desk phone) but I will do so at a later date and provide an update.

So far, I have had no problems with any part of the set up of my system. I haven’t used it much yet because it is the weekend and I’ve been doing non-work stuff. When I have had more of a chance to use it, I will write another review.

In terms of features, offer so much choice. Whether you’re just looking for a single line (like me), a few lines for a small organisation or running a full -blown call centre, they will have an option to suit you. If you can’t see the information you need on their website, get in touch with them.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you with your decision. I would have no hesitation in recommending to anybody who is looking to replace their existing telephone system or to get a new one up and running.