Kitboga – Calling Out The Scammers Plus How To Speak To People

So, for the past few days, I have been lying in bed ill. It gave me time to rediscover the wonders of YouTube. On my voyage of discovery, I happened upon a very entertaining scam baiter called Kitboga. You can find his channel here

So many of the videos he has posted have brought something to my mind which I would like to address. At the moment, I am watching an IRS scam ( and I seriously take exception to the way the scammer is talking to the person whom he thinks is an elderly lady. He has threatened to have her arrested if she interrupts him, he has also shouted at her repeatedly. In what world is this acceptable?

How dare anybody speak to another human being (especially one whom you believe to be a senior citizen) in this manner? Even if this were a legitimate call, there is no need to use this type of aggressive tactic to illicit a payment. I do not give a toss whether you are a scammer, a genuine IRS agent, a police officer or the man in the moon, show some damn respect!

This is something I have noticed in nearly all of the scam videos I have watched, these scammers resort to aggressive, abusive or threatening attitudes in order to get the victim to cooperate. It is absurd. I always think that when dealing with other people, you should think of how you would feel if an elderly relative was being spoken to in this manner – oh, you don’t like that idea? Then don’t do it to somebody else!