About The Kitchen Sink Mind

Why The Kitchen Sink Mind?

Hello and welcome to The Kitchen Sink Mind!

I wanted to start by explaining why I chose the name The Kitchen Sink Mind for this blog. Well, I happened to be watching The Chase not so long ago when Bradley Walsh asked a contestant which section of an orchestra is known as the kitchen sink. The answer, of course, was percussion because it contains all kinds of instruments. This resonated with me because the description fits my mind from that perspective, it contains all sorts of stuff, some useless and some not so much. This site will be used to share both the useful and the useless with you.

Now for the warning. Herein will lie some controversial thoughts, potentially swearing and who knows, maybe even some adult content. Should you be the type of person who is easily offended, I would strongly recommend that you visit another site. Snowflakes will not be tolerated here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, me included and I intend to voice mine here.

Continuing on from that, any post which contains my opinions are NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION. My opinions are exactly that, mine, and they are not to be challenged by anyone. If you wish to air your views then I would suggest you do as I have, buy a domain, set up a blog and post them there. This is my space on the net.

Some posts which are not opinion pieces may allow comments. If they do, they will be moderated. Should one of your comments not appear then it may be because I deem it unsuitable in some way. Again, my space, I choose what goes here and if you don’t like it then go elsewhere.

I like to review things. If you have something for me to review, some product or service which you supply then I will be happy to consider it. Please use the Contact Us page and either send an email or phone me and I will see what I can do.

All that said, I hope you enjoy what I share.

Thanks for reading and feel free to visit again!