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Before contacting us read the disclaimer below the contact form – all of it!

Please either phone 01253543888 or use the contact form below to provide us with details of your enquiry. If you’re using a mobile phone then you should see a “Call Us” button which you can click on to save you dialing the number.


Please be aware that our phone number is only to be used to request review of a product or service or to ask for an article to be written about something you’re working on (an event, project, your business, product or suchlike). If you misuse our number, you will likely find your phone number along with a description of the call posted on this site. We will not discuss the content of the site with you, debate an opinion which has been posted here, buy your product or tolerate your abuse.

The contact form may only be used for similar purposes. It may be used to report problems with the site or inaccurate content but not to challenge personal opinions or to try to sell us anything. The result of abuse of the contact form will be the same as for the phone number.

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